Monday, February 19, 2007

Should I get bangs?

Hey, look! It's a picture of me! With my hair pulled in front of my face! I have these annoying short hairs on the side of my face (they never get much longer than 2-3 inches) that I pulled forward to get an idea of how I'd look with bangs. So like that, only I think I want to go thicker and longer. (Heh.)

And if I get bangs, will I be forever fighting with my uber-strong genetically-programmed center part? Is there a way the stylist cuts the bangs so that goes away? Am I engaging in wishful thinking?

The fancy beauty school around here does cuts for $8.50 (with free shampoo and scalp massage!) with free bang trimming in between cuts. Master Cuts blows, and the girl never listens to what I tell her. I'm embarrassed just admitting I've stepped inside a Master Cuts. Once upon a time I used to go to a real salon. So I figure the fancy beauty school is a good place to go since they have actual stylists watching what they do at every snip, right?

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